What Others Are Saying...

-Rev. Lee Church, Union Grove Baptist Church, Albemarle, NC

 “Vintage  Quartet is four men who have a love for the Lord and love to sing. I  don't know when I have ever heard better harmony. They will be a  blessing to any church that will invite them and allow them to lead in  worship of the Lord. You will not be disappointed”.  

-Rodney Hedrick, West Fairfield Baptist Church, High Point, NC

 " ...Great vocal blend making it easy to capture the message of their songs"  

-Earl Brewer, the Piano Man, Former Member Harvesters Quartet, Greensboro, NC

 “Knowing  Jim Albertson and Vintage Quartet for a short while, I can honestly say  these men sing from the heart. I am encouraged each time I hear them  sing. Being together only a small amount of time, these men have what it  takes to make a great quartet. 

Even now, they have the quality of a  great quartet. The harmony these men have is far more than most groups  could expect being together a small amount of time. Please go each time  these men are in and around your city or state and you will be blessed. I  know I have had the great pleasure of hearing them sing and looking  forward to hearing them again”.  

-Pastor Stephen Wright, Glen Hill Baptist Church, Ringgold, VA


"It  is my privilege to tell you about a wonderful new gospel group called  Vintage. Our church is a great lover of Gospel music and has hosted many  groups over the years. Although every group we have had we enjoyed,  there is no group that has blessed both our hearts and our ears as much  as Vintage. 

As a Pastor I have learned that there are talented singers  and those who are both talented and gifted by the Holy Spirit. Vintage  is one of those groups whose love for God and His children makes a  service with them a time of true worship. You will laugh, cry, and  worship God in a concert your congregation will not soon forget. They blend both young talent together with seasoned singers who have been in gospel music for years...and I've heard them all."