Meet The Voices

Jim Albertson

Hi everyone, I will start by saying a few things about my family. I am  married to Pat, together we have four children, they have given us six  grand children, and one great- grand child.I know why they are called  grand because they are GRAND. 

I was written into the Lambs Book of Life, in 1972. I  started singing in Church as a child, and then singing alone with my  sister, playing the organ. Later on I was led to start singing with a  quartet. Through the years, I have sang in several groups.

In  saying that, brings us to now. God has brought together the right  people to form Vintage Quartet, our mission is to bring people to Christ  through song. Always remembering God deserves all honor and praise. 

Thank you for visiting our web site and I am looking forward to seeing you soon.

Warren Kimrey

 I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior at the age of 12 and not  long after that I began singing with my Dad and Sister.  Upon graduating  from high school I joined the United States Marine Corp and served a 13  month tour of duty in Vietnam. During a time when we were under attack I  told God that if He would keep me safe I would serve him when I  returned home.  

After  getting discharged from the Marines, I began serving the Lord through  song and singing with The Gospel Envoys.  Other groups I have sung with  include Reality, The Singing Towers, and most recently, Trinity Quartet.  Some of my fondest memories are singing in the “All Night Gospel Song  Festivals” that Bill Hefner with the Harvesters Quartet held each year  at Charlotte, North Carolina, in the old original Charlotte Coliseum.   


God  has Blessed with good health, a wonderful wife who supports me, a great  family, and now a new ministry.  My wife, Linda, and I live  in Albemarle, NC, and are active members  in Union Grove Baptist Church. We have a son, Aaron, and a daughter,  Debbie.  Debbie is married to Roger Moss.  They have two beautiful  little girls, Annalyse Claire Moss and Kaylee Olivia Moss. Grandchildren  -- wow -- are they special or what?  Yes!  I am so Blessed!  When  not  singing I enjoy fishing with Aaron, eating with the family, gardening,  spending time with Linda, playing with Annalyse and Kaylee.  (Not  necessarily in that order.)  Did I mention eating?  Looking forward to  meeting YOU soon

Steve Bertaux

Southern  Gospel Music has long been a part of my life. As far back as 8 years  old, I can remember my dad having a recording studio in the house. He  produced and anchored a 1 hour, “Gospel in Song” program on WGPL with DJ  Don Matney in Winston-Salem NC.

We grew  up learning how to wire microphones and set up for recordings. Dad recorded the Gospel Light Baptist Church services for Radio Broadcasts  and their Choir’s first album. When he would go out of town, we would  set up the mics and put on the Imperials, Stamps, Cathedrals, Blackwood  Brothers, The Galileans, The Thrasher Brothers, Kingsmen and many more  and record our concerts singing along with them. I may even still have  some of those old “Sing-a-Thons” as we called them.

Time passed on and Dad did too, but the message in those songs began to  speak to me and in 1989 I gave my life to Christ. I've sung with  the Anchormen, The Brethren, Voices of Triumph, the Messengers and  Revelation for the last 30+ years. I've recorded and produced 10  projects for these groups and several for other artists.

At  50 years old, my wife and I had a child, Kyleigh Grace Bertaux, and I soon decided help at home was the top priority.  My wife Ginger and two  other kids, Kendall and Joy, make up our family. I have to give thanks  where it is due, if not for the blessing of my wonderful wife, doing  this would not be as easy. She is my greatest support, my love and my  friend. It seems it’s always Go Go Go. But life is for living and to the  fullest I say. I needed some time with God to put things in order and I  needed some time alone with him. It seems easy to get you eyes and feet  off the path and if we are all honest, it happens without us even being  aware. I thank God that when those times come he forgives and forgets.

 I'm looking for great things from the Lord, so give a  listen, open your heart and worship, accept Christ as your Savior and  then smile, laugh and sing along with us and enjoy the Vintage Quartet.

Barry Collins

 I am a native of Burlington, NC and accepted Christ at the young age of 8 years old from a message brought by evangelist Dr. Oliver Greene who was visiting our church. I am a tenor in my church choir and have held the tenor position in two local quartets. I have been around southern gospel music all my life. My father and uncle have sung in groups in the past. 

My wife, Linda and I have two daughters, Wendy and April, and three grandchildren, Kyndal, Camden, and Brinlee. I look forward to all the things the Lord has in store for the Vintage Quartet in the future.