About Vintage Quartet

     Since  2010, Vintage Quartet has had the privilege of  ministering to  audiences all around. In 2011, Vintage Quartet was the recipient of the  91st Annual NC Singing Convention 1st place Grand Champion and also in  2012 they received the First Place Trophy in the  Male Quartet  Division and is now a recording artist in the SkyLand Records/Crossroads  Music family of artists. Vintage Quartet was honored in 2012 to have  two Singing News Top 80 songs, such as, "I'm Gonna Tell The Story" # 70  and "Lord, Stir The Wind" #69 from their debut project, "Tell The Story"

     Vintage  Quartet would like to introduce you to four men who are firm on  revitalizing that refined style of quartet singing and more than that,  this quartet’s purpose is solely serving Christ through a ministry of  song and testimony. The zeal with which these men sing can only be  defined by their quality of the music and energy in their presentation.  To experience this unique southern gospel rarity you must, without  doubt, hear and see them face-to-face.  Gone are the days of that truly  golden era, as the style and talent that was the trademark of that genre  of Southern Gospel has fallen by the wayside. The oft-heard statement  is that, "there are very few, true traditional Southern Gospel male  quartets to be found anymore." 

     The  belief that the golden age of Southern Gospel was extinct can now be  exchanged; for Vintage Quartet makes their performances fresh, alive and  vibrant.   God has allowed us to use our voices for his honor and  glory. That being said, each person should be flexible enough to give  some and take some. When these principles work together, as God has  designed, the outcome is some of the most beautiful harmonies on the  face of the earth. The human voice is one gift of God that man has no  ability to create or to destroy. As the Bible speaks of us being  attached to the true “Vine”, our goal is to grow and help the next vine  that may come from our efforts to flourish and become more than we could  ever imagined.